Saturday, December 30, 2017

I am so sorry that we have not blogged for a long time. Every day is so crazy and busy that honestly, I didn't even think of the blog until my mom asked about it! Ha! Things are pretty good here. The kids are doing amazing in school. Their English is coming slow but still steadily and they are getting braver trying it out on others. 😍 they understand most of what is said but it's hard putting their own thoughts into English. Christmas was crazy and fun. We ate. We opened presents. We did advent devotions each night in spanish. We had activities each day in December including eating a picnic by the tree, a snowman night w decorations and snowman pancakes, crafts, and looking at neighborhood lights. Everything was so new and different...There are days when this new life seems too hard for me. Too chaotic. Too loud. Too much stress. And I struggle to make it thru another day. I'm learning 2 let go of the minors. Let go of dreams. Let go of plans. Let go of me. It's been hard. But I am still finding joy in small moments. Thank u all for continuing to pray and those of u who have walked this beside us...blessings b showered on u- you have kept us going!! U have pulled us along when we wanted to quit. U have given gifts to us so the kids had a wonderful Christmas. U have touched us more than u will ever know. May 2018 see us all deeper in the presence of Jesus. Love u!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Since we are doing a farm preschool theme these 2 weeks it seemed natural to spend time on my parents farm. First we visited their friend and neighbor and got to pet a chicken, tried not to get spit at by an alpaca, and practiced our rooster crows. Next we went to mom and dad's farm. Discovered 2 baby kittens which the Littles loved! Then loaded them in a wagon to get mail and take pics in a sunflower field. And finally, they each "drove" the tractor down the driveway. However their favorite part was either the tiny ice cream cones after a hot dog lunch or playing momma and papa on the floor of the living room! Mommas favorite part was that they napped in the car on the way home! Haha! It was a super fun day and we made it home in time to pick up the other 2 who are doing amazing in school!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Went really well! Teachers said they did great! Kids exhausted ☺ E and peru friend got on well and spoke some spanish together. Jh got to sort skittles candy into colors and graph them then eat them so he was super happy! Saved some for all of us! Kids r impressed w the class rm technology😃

Monday, August 7, 2017

The visit to our public school went amazing. Got to meet both teachers who were super nice. The kids hugged them first off so seemed comfortable w them! Got to see their rooms and the computer lab☺E even has a Peruvian girl in her class!! The teacher is putting them together at a table! Everyone at the school is super excited to have them there. So happy! Jj started 8th grade homeschool today and did well despite disruptions and siblings peeking at him thru the door. J took him out to eat for lunch to celebrate! So we are well on our way to a brand new schedule! Ha! The public school starts this coming Monday.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Our days are flying by! Right now we are locked in on schooling. After talking to a specialist at the district level, I had peace about trying the two oldest at the public school. Jesus provided the "best ELL teacher in the district" at our home school. Then when I registered the kids, He provided me with a lady I contact to tell about Jj's homeschool to get us processed. The miracle there is that they are supposed to be in grade level according to age but she let me drop them back one level which is what we had been praying to do. Woohoo, God!! So E will be in 3rd and Jh in 1st. We are actually meeting the ELL teacher this Tuesday so the kids will know her and get a little tour of the school. They start on the 14th and we are trying to get all the supplies together. In the meantime, Jj will start this Monday the 7th with homeschooling 8th grade. He is super excited to start dissecting for our high school level biology class☺I will also be trying to do some preschool work with the younger girls during the day and continuing to work on their English. Pls pray for good transitions and adjustments.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Saw this on our counter today and had to laugh! The kids r still working through the candy we got at the 4th of July parade (this is not all of it! Still have over half a cooler full!) and apparently I dumped the toothpaste in there after the dentist appointment last week!😃so funny!
Had our first U.S. doctor visit yesterday. 3 hours for 4 kids. It was good! So grateful for travel dvd players! Haha! He was very good with the kids and spent so much time listening to us. The only bad part was each one got 3 huge booster shots in their legs! Ouch! Even today they are hurting! Otherwise things are going fairly smoothly so we r so glad for your prayers!!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Hello all! Sorry there hasn't been a recent post. Here's a quick catchup: Tues dentist went well. Mostly just consultation. We have a really great dentist. Also, the kids teeth are in good condition which we are hugely grateful for! Strange fact: some Peruvians actually have extra teeth! Called supernumerary teeth. Elizabeth has two! Wednesday we went to the pool for the second time. Went very well again. The kids LOVE the pool! Thurs we went to the big playground near us in the morning and cleaned house followed by ice cream cones in the afternoon. While playing a game with the kids on the trampoline before dinner, I landed wrong and have hurt my knee (don't say it, Mom! I know ☺). Please pray for quick healing as stairs and kids everywhere don't mix with a swollen paunful knee. I have seen progress in it already this morning after prayer so am grateful to the Lord! Needless to say, today is a hang-at-home day. Hope you have a happy Friday

Sunday, July 16, 2017

If you could have seen'd have been moved to tears too. Coming on the heels of yesterday... when the kids were weeping over missing the orphanage and their friends, deep grieving with hopeless anger, followed by acting out in defiance and disobedience the rest of the day. Now today... During our "church service" at the house, the kids were singing to the Hillsong dvd and as j & I worshipped after one song praising Jesus, calling out how good and faithful He is, the kids too began calling out the same - repeating the praises and lifting their own hands like us, then calling out their own "thank yous"! Gack! I still get chills and tears!! Maybe 2 minutes tops but that moment will live w me forever. Has changed me and shifted a piece of me into place, into alignment w jesus. Selah! Your prayers are CHANGING LIVES!! Specific, tangible ways that I get the privilege to see. Thank u.😍 I've been asking the Lord to pour out on you all incredible blessings for your sweet faithfulness to Him and to us!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Enjoyed a crazy moment today with us girls jumping on the trampoline in the rain! So fun! Got soaking wet (followed by a hot shower where i got soaked by the girls again! ) but laughed hysterically and was so good in repairing the frustration and hurt from yesterday. Been thinking about r immediate gratification culture and how adoption IS NOT! Its constant patience, waiting for yr efforts to reveal anything at all, or two steps back (or 3). A dear friend reminds me constantly that it's not a sprint but a marathon. Also learning so much about Jesus loving us first WHILE WE WERE YET ENEMIES. Sometimes it seems we are enemies in our family but I can choose to enter into this new aspect of Him and continue to love. I don't always feel like it plays out in my actions but thoughts lead to actions, right?! ☺ trying to learn fast and practice hard! Pls continue to pray 4 jj- especially unity btwn him & other kids, wisdom in being a sibling and good phrases to use. Other quick news: jh got his stitches out! Woohoo! Pray quick healing and not to split it open again! (He's hit it several other times with his stitches in!)

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hello, all! Two weeks, two days in. For most part, it's been good. Today we are struggling w rebellion & defiance for some reason but remaining consistent. Just tiring. Had 1st home study with r adoption agency and felt it went well. Mostly general info about r routines, the kids personalities, any concerns, etc. Thank u for continuing to pray over us!! Tried to get Jh stitches out yesterday but split open a bit extra so waiting a few more days.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Today is 2 weeks since we left Lima! Things are going reasonably well considering all the changes the kids (and we!) have endured. Still issues that we work with daily but we are starting to find a rhythm to our days. Of course that is with 2 adults at home! Our next season will be starting to consider school options and return to work. We so appreciate your continued love, prayers and support!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Thought I'd have the funnest pics ever for u all today since we took the kids to a sprayground with jumping waters and pipes spraying everywhere. However, 3 minutes into our time, Jh fell and hit his face on a bench and opened up his head between his eyes. It was awful! By God's grace, he did not have a head injury per se but did need several stitches as well as having a swollen eye. Poor guy!! He was so sweet tho wanting to share his ice cream treat with J after the stitches. We were all so glad to see him after he got home and gave him tons of hugs and attention! Pls pray quick healing for him, no pain, and no lasting trauma. The kids in general are doing well. We are super pleased that they have been able to bring up and talk about memories at the orphanage without the terrible grief they had before and we often are found laughing with the kids at mealtimes when they share. 😍love it! We are trying new parenting ideas as we get to know the kids more. E has been a delight to me as we cook together, play volleyball (she is amazing at it), jump on the trampoline and try tricks, and play foosball together. She has a real sweet heart! Jh loves to draw pics of all 7 of us and has asked to learn I love you in english so he can write it and tell us so! He's a brave boy who shares his food but also can be a bit rough on the girls by pulling their hair or hitting them on the back! ME is a handful. She wants attention but gets it by disobeying or playing rough w her younger sister. She likes to b in control and is still struggling w fear of the basemt (where her room is). We are being very consistent with her! T is still our screamer but has the cutest smile afterwards! Ha! She unfortunately mimics sister ME at times but loves to snuggle and be a part of whatever her siblings are doing. She loves balls and the trampoline. We r in r 2nd week home and still so grateful 2 b here in States!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Kids so excited today because we took them to the pool in our neighborhood! They've been to a pool before but don't swim well so we had them in life vests paddling around! So fun and cute!! They loved it! The life guards blow the whistle to take a break right before noon so worked perfect! No meltdowns to come home! Woohoo! And we got to sleep for 5 hrs straight last night! Yay!! Huge deal for us☺

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th, everyone! One week in! Exhausted but days are good overall. Nights still need work! Today was special because it's Jh bday in addition to our country's bday. We kept it pretty low key but he was VERY excited! Decorated with soccer things and a soccer ball cake. Had a few presents and treats. Actually was able to join my parents at a parade that gave out TONS of candy! The kids loved it and went crazy over the candy! Ha! Also made it to a firework show tonight. Woohoo! Since it's 1130pm we r headed to bed before the kids get up again☺not the best pic but here is Jh and his cake...

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Last few days have been really good w no major tantrums! Nights still crazy as one is up every REM cycle! Took kids to get free cone at chick fil a! Felt Lord say to spend more time w E and that has been both delightful in itself and helpful as she can set the tone w the others. Please continue to pray that we all adjust to the permanence of adoption. Know that sounds funny but it sometimes feels like it will go back to "normal." For us and for the kids. I've been praying 4 quick adjustments/bonding for us all but also know that sometimes the grief can cycle around.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

For those who have been praying hard 4 us, Jesus is faithful! Today we had no big meltdowns!! A first since we have been with the kids! Woohoo! Such a blessing after a night of minimal sleep. ☺ the kids love to be outside and are having fun playing with all their toys. Had sweet moments playing barbies with E, laughing over Shaun the Sheep video, having coffee on porch w j this am while kids jumped on trampoline at 7 am in their pjs!, and eating on the outside porch for lunch. Prayer requests: #1 ME continues to wake every hour w fear in the night and at naptime. #2 Sleep for whole night. #3 Joshua not to disengage now that we r home. #4 That j & I would bond to the kids (we would feel like they are ours and not just taking care of them). #5 j as he touches base w business contacts and begins to pursue investors again. #6 effective parenting strategies

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Walking off elevator to friends and family
Funny story: think kids r impressed w my cooking here so far! In Peru, r stoves didn't work all the time and the ovens not at all. Food was half cooked or burned. There were no measuring cups/spoons so I guessed and was often wrong! Ha! So when the fried eggs were good for breakfast, E raised her eyebrows and nodded at me! Haha! We had chicken flat as for the big lunch meal and they had about 4 each and kept saying how good it was! Heehee! Think in Peru they were dismayed their new mom couldn't cook! 😉😄

At airport
Was so good to see friends and family at the airport!! We were exhausted but so happy 2 b home. The kids love the house and all their toys; they tore thru everything! Haha! Nighttime was not good. Most screaming and up a good part of the night. It was rough. Today the weather is amazing and the kids are playing outside on the trampoline, the sandbox, playhouse and having a great time. We r enjoying being outside too and relaxing a bit!

We're back! We had a safe trip yesterday and everything went smooth in Immigration. Here is a photo of us after immigration in Houston.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, we are on our way! Through several miracles and persistence we received the visas for the kids late today! We are sitting at the gate in Lima waiting on our flight to Houston! We will be back in Denver at 1:05 pm tomorrow!

Please join us in praising God for his grace, love and favor today. Without that we certainly would still be in Lima. And a special thanks to my mom who long ago taught me to be persistent because "all they can do is say 'no'!" Today they said no several times, but even so we kept knocking at the door until we got a yes! Praise God!

Please also pray for a safe and sleepy flight to Houston for the kids. And then on to Denver tomorrow. Our trip is almost over...but our journey is really just beginning. We are humbled and honored to partner with Jesus in the destinies of all 5 of our children!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him." (Romans 15: 13) As you trust in Him...thinking about that phrase as I am in desperation for joy, for hope and peace in the midst of orphan spirit. Struggling to not get sucked into my own issues of abandonmt & anger. Searching & seeking for His face in the stare of hostile eyes, untrusting eyes. And I see myself there. Not trusting Him that this path is the best for us. Deperate to be grateful: for a husband who let me sleep in extra hours (2 kids up from 2am-4), a dinner with no defiance or screaming, watching the movie Bolt in Spanish as a treat w kids, anticipating going home, playing at a playground, seeing the ocean from r balcony, trying to make a cake in a toaster oven for tomorrow, running to starbucks tonight w jj for one last lucuma creme frap, texting with an amazing friend who has been where we are and has so much wisdom and who poured over me today the oil of jesus, my mom flooding me with verses to hold onto. Yes, as soon as gratitude begins, it overflows and the peace comes! Pls pray extra for us tomorrow to get r visas so we can leave on the 1am flight! Pray for this transition (another one 4 them) to be smooth and joyful (not all r happy to leave peru) and that the kids do well on the flight. We'll be confirming time and day on the blog when we know for sure when we come in. Thank u all❤
We have some exciting news to report: we have booked our air tickets home! We do not yet have the visas for the kids, but we booked the tickets on faith that we will receive them tomorrow at the US Embassy when we meet there at 11am. We know others that have received their visas on the same day and we have been in close contact with the Embassy so we know they are prepared for us.

Nevertheless, please join us in praying for a quick and smooth meeting tomorrow. Once we receive the visas, we'll be back to the apartment for a few hours and then to the airport. Our flight to Houston departs at 12:50 am on Tuesday morning! We go through customs and connect in Houston and then arrive in Denver at 1:05 pm this Tuesday, June 27. Our adoption agent says anyone is welcome to come and greet us and the kids at the airport. We will arrive at the normal arrival place since we already go through customs and immigration in Houston.

Thank you all for your continued partnership with us through prayer! We are so blessed to have some many faithful family and friends! Our adoption agent says our 31 days here is a record. Most families are in Peru for 2 more weeks! We know it is because of your faithfulness and God's grace.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The kids are really struggling today. Defiance, disobedience, hurting each other, hurting us. May be some of the anger phase coming out. We have spoken their true identities over them all day. Reminding them...and us... Who they really are. Wasn't really prepared 4 this level of me hurting, of getting heart hurt. Know it's not about me but their hurting but it's been a challenge today. Another level of what jesus must have felt. It's awful... To want that love and family to flow, to want the best for us, to know we could have so much fun together and be full of joy--and we turned Him away, the wounds on His heart showing on His back and face. I can't imagine...and i weep how I have hurt Him with my control and defiance. I have repented more in Peru than probably in my adult life! And He. Just. Keeps. Loving. Us. Just keeps being vulnerable to us, willing to be close, willing to be hurt again. It takes my breath away. It even challenges me on a level I am not always sure I can reach. I am purposely aligning myself 2 b grateful for this chance to enter into this part of His suffering. To see this different part He is wanting to show us. Please pray for strength & patience & love for these sometimes unloveables. Pray jj has "thick skin" and does not receive heart wounds by their attitude. Pray we can let things go ourselves so as to learn the lessons we need. Pray smoothness over the Embassy meeting and getting visas asap on Monday. Pray for sleep on the flight home (will be 1am in the morning when we take off from Lima) and calmness in the kids and for a smooth transition into our home - it's been hard on them to keep being uprooted over and over again as we switch aptmts. Can I repeat myself and say THANK YOU for responding, praying, encouraging, for saying and showing us we r not alone, for tracking with us so long, for being with us for the long haul & not just in Peru (real wk of bonding starts after we get home). YOU ARE LOVED! YOU HAVE BEEN SO INTEGRAL!❤❤

Friday, June 23, 2017

Sneaking a few!

Now this is a happy sight: Krispy Kreme Donuts!

We have had an exhausting but productive day. Lots of "hurry up and wait" but we have the kids IDs, passports, and I am picking up the medical reports at the doctor in just a minute. All the Spanish-English translations are complete. I have some forms to fill out online this weekend but otherwise we should have everything we need for the visa meeting with the US Embassy on Monday at 11:00am.

That will be our next prayer request is for that meeting to go smooth and quick. We are not allowed to bring anything other than papers with us to the Embassy. No bags, no phones, no DVD player, and nothing else for the kids! Finally, we need to know how long after the meeting to schedule our flight home. The Embassy says we should wait until we have the visa in hand to schedule but we would rather not do that! In any case, our return is getting closer. We are just days away!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

We had r 21st anniversary today! Wanted it to be a bit different than it was but the kids had other plans...J is such an incredible man, strong & true & amazing to me. I could never do this without him! A wonderful husband and defender when the kids are nasty to me, thinking of what I need to survive this, going out tonight to grocery shop! A father of integrity and love, one who instructs and who sings praise songs over the kids at night. What a gift he is to me!!❤ we ended up down from the cliffs to throw rocks in the ocean with the kids. They got soaked but were happy and carried lots of rocks home as souvenirs! Ice cream this afternoon did not go so well but that's a whole 'nother story (as they say in the south!). Tonight is the first night in many days the T has not screamed most of the night. Yay! Maybe I can shower! Woohoo! Haha! Thank u again, all, for the amazing comments and encouragemt and prayers pouring r way-- others r encouraged by what u r saying too! I knew it was gonna b hard but was not prepared for the incredible nastiness they aim our way at times. That's been some of the hardest things and those things r what I blogged about letting go, about forgiving, and being careful not to say anything hurtful back in retaliation (taking the high road!). There are again good moments of a hand slipped in mine, of M.E. kissing me on the head and telling T not to disobey, of singing w j over them tonight, of the ocean breeze blowing, of a smile from E, and a thank u from jh for dinner, a kiss from j. I am choosing to focus on the beauty we are building deliberate piece on each slow deliberate piece! Pls pray for quick pprwk tomorrow (passports at 10-11) and dr again at 330. Looks like we may get to come home at the beginning of this next week like maybe Tues but will update you as we know! Love u!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Today has been pretty good! Most of the kids slept in a bit so we actually has quiet coffee! Woohoo! Walked around and played on a playground b4 going to the Embassy doctor. This went well; it was just a long time there and over naptime😕 will return friday to see if the TB skin tests reacted at all. They were not happy about the skin shot! Then dinner & bed. Jj & I were able to go out tonight together and get a few souvenirs and the best brownies ever! Haha! It was so great spending time w him and getting a few treats! Was able to get the peruvian manger scene I wanted and the tshirt jj wanted!☺yay! Prayer request for today: #1 we r being attacked in area of physical safety - kids and us choking, Jh getting kicked in face and nose bleeding from that. E fell bad on playground & hurt arm, kt sliced her entire thumb top to bottom from opening a can, it just goes on and that is just today! #2 that we get the id cards very quickly (need these now in order 2 get passprts, etc and there was a backlog already) #3 i may have some pinkeye type symptoms like j & jj were having earlier in trip and am doing all I can to prevent it #4 good long sleep 4 kids to be rejuvenated

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Today was a harrowing experience as we were being questioned by the govmt adoption agency about our practices for discipline, some inconsistancies in the kids stories about living w us, etc. Some of this extra scrutiny stemmed from the recent abuse case with another family in the US that adopted from Peru. However, it took us by surprise as one more delay and attack. The outcome of it all was that we were able to sign and be done with this step! Woohoo, God! Thank u to all who were covering us in prayers! He answered! And in a huge way! Tomorrow is the Embassy dr appmt at noon. Prayer requests: patience, the kids 4 J & I, pprwk to go quickly, continual prayer 4 Joshua to find his place with siblings.

Monday, June 19, 2017

We applied for new ID cards for the kids today with their new names. One more step complete!
We had a good Father's Day yesterday. Kids were pretty good but still adjusting to the new apartment. We took them on a walk where we could see the ocean. Lima is set up on a cliff and that is where our apartment is. We will take a taxi down to the water later in the week.

Today we will start the process of collecting documents needed for them to immigrate to the US. Please pray for favor and quickness in each department that we visit.

Pls also pray we have thick skins. The kids have said hurtful things to all of us including jj. Pray he (and we) can let it go and love them again
The aptmt in Lima is nice! Loving the washer & hot water! We are close to the ocean cliffs and took a walk there yesterday for the kids to see the ocean for the first time. They wanted to play on the beach so we have to figure out how to get down to it from the cliffs! Maybe by taxi....Supposed to meet with the DGA (adoptn gov office) sometime today to sign more papers and tomorrow with the US Embassy to get other pprwk we need for the week. Successfully completed a supermarket run yesterday tho we were the talk of the store w Peruvians following us around to see what we buy! So silly! Met some girls there from Cleveland on medical missions (we were excited 2 hear english! Ha!) Kids are grieving hard for losses, especially E. Yesterday was not good but we survived. Bittersweet to think being in Lima before and how much things have changed in 3 weeks. Please pray all of us continue to live in the present and not yearn for familiar past. Think this will b key as we transition home too.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Praise God! Our flight was great and we landed safe in Lima! Thank you all for praying for us! The kids did great! There were kids crying on the flight but they weren't ours! Thought you would enjoy a photo of all of us before our flight! Since the adoption portion is complete we can start to post some photos. The sun was really bright in our eyes.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Jeffrey here. Not sure if we have said this or not but the children are officially ours now! The final resolution was written on Wednesday! As Kristine said, we now have birth certificates for each child that list us as their parents.

Our "final" stage of the process(and I put that in quotes because there are still many steps!) is to return to Lima to get the docs we need for the kids to immigrate to the US. Our flight is tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon and we would GREATLY appreciate your prayers for the flight to depart as scheduled. Sometimes Peruvian Airlines cancels flights if there are not enough people! We really really really need to be on that flight. The other options are to stay another night in Huancayo and/or a 9 hour drive down curvy mountain roads! We appreciate your agreement in prayer with us about the flight.

Next week will be busy in Lima. We have a government meeting to sign the post adoption documents, a meeting with the US Embassy, a required visit to the doctor for the kids and we have to get new ID cards, then Peruvian passports for the kids. All those lead up to our final visa application with the US Embassy. We are hoping to return to the US around June 27, but we'll know more next week.

We made it! Exhausted. 6 people in backseat of a taxi not fun! But got the certificates! One kid got carsick on way up winding mtn. We had a 45 min delay for construction at the top then got stopped by police checking r records 4 the kids. However, we did get what we needed pprwk wise and had excellent ceviche for lunch! Thank u 4 the prayers today! Tomorrow is T's bday and our afternoon flight to Lima!! Pls pray flt not cancelled (common) and kids r good☺The flight is about 30-45 minuted which is good on everyone. This is their 1st plane trip and E might be difficult. She is still struggling w never going back to orphanage so this will be more of a final thing for her. Was a bit of a pill today in defiance.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Please pray for good Internet connections in order to get the certificates quickly (it's why we r going so early - hoping 4 better connections), for the kids to be calm waiting around (bringing toys and videos), and that we don't forget anything we need to have! Thank u!
Today was more grief and acting out. Kids were up several times last night and so much was stirred up in spirit realm. Packs of dogs growling and barking outside, another band/festival thing, kids crying. Crazy! Had a good few moments w E just holding her and typing my thoughts out on Google Translate telling her we want her & love her and affirming her grief. It was good and for the last few hrs, has been back to her sweet self. She's been quite the devious terror today! Ha! Tomorrow is a crazy day starting at 530am with us leaving to get birth certificates with all 7 of us plus r lawyer & social wkr.
Then said Jesus, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." Luke 23:34a KJV I think one of the hard things of parenting is the letting things go when your feelings are hurt. I feel sometimes that "hey, I have rights too! I have feelings too and this process is hard for me too!" It's that Self cropping up, the orphan in me that wants my own way, wants it easy ! Ha! A dear friend last night shared how even Jesus had to walk through the garden and crucifixion. That it's about Him being WITH us, not taking away the hard times. I slip into Him being a genie and want the perfection that we think is promised to us with Jesus but looking at his life in the Bible, it was messy, dirty, primitive, hard, bloody, hurtful. REAL. And so we are living Real! Ha! If I had a glass of Sweet Red, I'd toast all of u who are currently living your Real and encourage u that it's ok to live there, it's not permanent, and Jesus IS extra close if u continually look 4 Him. Sometimes it's just a flash like a laugh or a smile, a quick moment. Other times it's the sweetness of His lingering presence but He's faithful😍

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hello all! I don't even know how to write this post. It has been a day...the kids had a rough day of constant disobedience and ultimately deep grieving for the loss of the orphanage and the familiar. We battled, prayed, declared who they are, worshipped, and loved on them when they let us. It has been exhausting but praying that the plans of the enemy are defeated in the name of the Lord! Sweet moments came from the children we least expected: M.E. asking her brother to obey, T dancing and trying to sing praises & lift her hands with me, T wanting me at bedtime instead of E and keeping a death grip on my hand, speaking over a screaming M.E. at nap and telling her she is wanted. Jj has the pink eye like stuff today and has been a bit miserable. Don't think it's as bad as j had which I am grateful for. Continuing to declare joy over us and know that He who promised is faithful and will complete us in the end. Counting the days until Lima...

Monday, June 12, 2017

Jeffrey here again. We've turned a corner! Our trip is halfway complete! Our health is improving and we are making great strides with the kids. We've had moments of praying over several today very intensely and they have responded well. Please continue to pray for complete healing and no new issues.

Our "empathy" period is complete! We had a good visit this morning with the social worker and she is happy with their progress. She will file her report tomorrow. On the 14th we will get the Final Adoption Resolution, but we still have the "day of waiting" on the 15th. It was explained to us as the "speak now or forever hold your peace" idea at a wedding. You know, because 5 years isn't quite long enough to wait, so they need to add one more day!! ;) Anyway, I think our children will legally be ours on the 16th! That day, we will also race around Huancayo and get new birth certificates for everyone with our names as parents.

Please join us in praying that everything goes smoothly this week and especially the birth certificates. We are booking flights to return to Lima on June 17. Praise God! And I mean that very seriously!

We'll update you on the rest of the process in Lima later. Thanks again to each of you for your incredible prayer support and comments of encouragement on the blog. We truly could not have reached this point without you!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Loved j's post on kids so much wanted to add to it: E-LOVES to help me cook and keeps sneaking the food, is girly (wants hair done, nails done, loves to color & do dot to dot), mischievous, aggravates her brother on purpose! Jh-tough, determined to conquer something whether puzzle or monkeybars, but cries when doesn't get his way. ME-wants to b tough but is needy too, is the protector and organizer of all toys, eats everything in sight, likes to b squeezed and kissed and have her tummy rubbed! T-is a flirt☺,loves to snuggle, won't give in if she wants something, loves to greet others on the street when in my backpack, is obsessed w animals, likes to wear a stuffed animal on her back w material a la Peru. Love all of u!
A miracle tonight. En serio (seruously). The kids all went to bed WITH NO CRYING AT ALL! I can't believe it!!!! Never has happened before! Still can't believe it! Freaking out! Feel we made big leaps today with both young girls. Both spent lots of time in our laps, kissing & hugging and even wanted us & not E when hurt. HUGE! So excited! 😄 Answers to YOUR prayers rt here!! To those covering us today--thank u for all the encouragement! Wasn't able to get the tetanus shot 4 Jh. May try tomorrow tho the time is past to get it. J's eyes are beginning to clear up!
We are about halfway now!! (Woohoo and a happy dance!) Prayer requests: social worker comes tomorrow 930 hopefully 4 last time. Finding a good aptmt for Lima beginning next wkend. Continuing health. For flight to Lima to not b cancelled. Continued bonding.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Can it get crazier? YES! While on the same playground we have been at all week, Jh stepped on a rusty nail that went thru his shoe, sock, and foot. Unbelievable! J and Jh spent 3 hours waiting for a tetanus shot and still have to return tomorrow morning early for it because the person never showed up! J is also struggling with coughing and possibly pink eye symptoms, jj feeling low with slight fever, and me with a cold and trying to run the show! Ha! Friends, pls keep praying! The attack physically has been insane! Kept telling my guys that u r praying and it's seriously getting us thru! I'm forcing myself to record good moments here as my therapy session : pushing the girls on the swings, cooking a peruvian tuna dish for lunch with E, getting a tiny bit of wash done, snuggling w T for awhile this morning, having our kids say hi by video to my amazing and beautiful niece who graduated today (woohoo!), watching r kids try mac and cheese for the first time, coloring princess pages with the girls at the apt while j at hospital, giving them all a good night kiss. And so I give all of U a goodnight kiss and say to YOU that I love you! Te amo!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Celina was pleased w the progress we have made, the rules we've set, and the bonding but still wants to have another session on Monday morning. Thank u for praying. Trusting Jesus was honored in how we acted. Trying to separate the kids into different beds tonight. Celina doesn't want them together. It's going not too well! Ha! What a crazy life! Seems we have prayed more today than ever before and leaning on His strong arms. So so glad we have Him! So so amazed at His wisdom, strength, and purity! Found out there is alot of fear at night, sometimes perpetuated by the kids themselves saying there are things under bed, zombies, etc. Anointed them and broke off fear, replaced w peace and Presence of Jesus. Still planning to leave for Lima on 17th (also T's bday) so far. I will be ecstatic!! Hot showers! Electric stove! Washer!! Maybe even dishwasher! The ocean boardwalk! Chili's! Haha! Just kidding, but yes, there is one overlooking the ocean! ☺pls continue to pray for bonding! And for the upcoming flight around 17th (not cancelled & smooth for kids meaning no screaming)! Love u all! Hope u r sleeping well! Heehee!
Today has been hard. Do I start every post like this?! Ha! Kids wetting bed made everyone up all night. Constantly testing boundaries and if we r going to b consistent. A dear friend gave us a word about worshipping this morning and things coming into alignment and fresh anointing. We spent time watching a Hillsong video. Very much needed 4 our hearts and spirits. Feel we r making progress with Jh. Reminded him that God made him a good and obedient son & that's who he is. This has been a victory as its helped to remind him all day.☺yay! Asking jesus to correct any mistakes we are making with the kids. To help us to die to our emotions and be our front guard. To help us to react out of our spirit and do exactly what jesus would/did. J & i got a few minutes 2 pray these things in the kids room. J and I r still sick but better than yesterday! Thx for all the prayers! Claiming 100%! Social worker next after naps. Praying all will b well. Filling house w declaratns of peace and joy. Continuing 2 break off spirits of past trauma in kids and orphan mentality.